Posted by: ahpoke | July 4, 2010

Cosfest 2010 (Lets Make Friends) Omake

As for the rest of the random stuff that they were doing. I didn’t bother to adjust anything:

Kim! watch out, Gary gonna get ya!



Three Times! AND YOUR OUT!!!!

Time for your punishment for getting caught

Looks like you enjoyed it, still can dance too XD

Vincent needs a ride home, I tot you can jump on rooftops and all the way home? Why need a cab?



  1. Dominatrix pic sorta freaking me out. XD

    • according to the person its a character from kuroshitsuji

  2. What about the kimono girl?

    • original character

  3. Ahh! Well I’m sure there’s some anime character with that design somewhere, haha.

    • somewhere out there *continues singing that song from some cartoon in the past*

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