Posted by: ahpoke | April 2, 2011

The Curse of Being Nice

Your regular a picture a day has been interrupted by an essay today.

The curse of being nice, is that, when your nice to someone, you have to at least maintain that level of niceness. For if you fail to do so, the person that you have let down, will get angry the moment you let him/her down. When its in your nature to be nice, you initially will treat everyone nicely, and when you realize that you are unable to click with that particular person, you would be less nice to that person and that person would just get angry at you even though they may not be entitled to that level of niceness.

Every human wants to be treated nicely, but yet may not deserve it.

Why do people insist on being treated nicely still, even when the moment comes when they themselves change from treating the person they used to be nice to, like crap.

Should people just remain nice no matter what happens? Unless its genetically coded into your DNA like some people… It’s impossible…


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