Posted by: ahpoke | June 5, 2011

Defense of the Ingrates

Another incident today made me waver on my feelings that this country is worth defending. Why do we defend a country full of ingrates, full of people who are rude, downright discourteous  and have the innate ability not to apologize. Cab drivers of a first, second and third world country, mostly greet their customers jovially whenever their customers board the cab. First and second world cab drivers, drive relatively safely, as an accident will impact their earnings greatly and by safely, I mean not like race car drivers racing for pole position.

So what kind of country do I live in where cab drivers hardly greet their customers, mostly race like their lives are too short and behave a lot like a bunch of unschooled self righteous bastards.

Are you in such a hurry:

That seeing a traffic jam on the CTE makes you cut 3 lanes to take an exit?

That you are unable to see that a vulnerable bike with pillion is within range of your reckless act?

That you must flick your finger(s) at someone who just beeps at your dangerous driving?

That you accelerate to the point that others can hear over revving in your cab engine?

That you are unable to say sorry even after the rider has caught up to you?

That you can challenge the person to complain against you?

That you are got the time to take down the motorbike’s number?


From the bike rider and pillion that you nearly killed who sincerely feel pity for who you are, cab driver of CityCab SHA9380T.


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